CPV (powerbait) wrote,

A Leatherfaced Knapsack....

So unclever ricky.

Canadian Lindsay, if you read this, you like Le Tigre right? They are getting that TKO song played out on Blockbuster TV. I never really listened to them, but that song is really waaay too poppy for me and is annoying as hell. They aren't quite the Riot Grrl group I expected.

In other news, I love rediscovering old bands I used to listen to, but never got into. The latest in the string is Tiltwheel and Leatherface. I don't recommend them to anyone who reads this, because I don't think any of you would like them. They are in a similar vein of Jawbreaker, but much more raw, very rough. Leatherface is like a british political Jawbreaker. But, god, are they amazing or what?

Tiltwheel is really amazing too, very understated music.

I am a pretty big Knapsack fan now too, which has lead me to the Jealous Sound. Either I am maturing, or I am getting wussy, because I really love that pop-synth crap TJS pulls out. I'm so emo. :(

Knapsack and Jealous Sound I recommend to all of you, way more poppy and accesible.

While I'm at it, everyone should check out the Shins too. I'm sure you've heard of them by now, but they might lead you down the path to Scared of Chaka, easily the best garage punk band to come out since the Zombies or MC5. The Shins broke up SoC, as I'm sure I've ranted about on here before.

I just started playing bass in a hardcore punk band. I really don't like the band, but it's more just because I can't stand the singer. But, it's fun to play punk rock, especially when you get to play the bass line.

I'm probably going on tour this summer, but with a band playing my music. Can't wait.

Graduating soon, getting out of Charlotte. Gotta leave this town behind.

Honorable Mention Bands I've been listening to:
Straylight Run
Deftones + Far version of Savory
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