CPV (powerbait) wrote,

I really am out of touch with reality.

Damn, I hate it when I get into a band after they are already broken up. I really hate that so much. I will never get to see Knapsack live, but whatever, at least I can enjoy their records.

I'm thinking about buying the Tiltwheel collection next. I've almost finished the Scared of Chaka collection. I am one album away on 90 Lbs Wuss. Not being rich makes collecting great records hard.

I think someone stole my copy of "Oh! Inverted World," the first shins album. For all you people who don't know who SoC is, but do know the Shins, the original lineup of the shins was half Scared of Chaka, half a band called Flake Music. Because of the success of the Shins, Scared of Chaka broke up. I do not like that very much.

Niners are 9-2. I'm really glad 2004 is over, it may have been the worst year ever. 2003 was a pretty cool year, I'd like to live that one over again.

They cut hours at work, so I may have to find another job asap.

Dating is no fun at all. I forgot how boring most girls are. I was dating a pretty interesting chick for a while, but she was 28 and a school teacher. I've already tried the older girl thing, and it just won't work out.

It's almost like I live alone right now, my roommates are all moving out. They all hate each other, which is weird, because I thought they were all friends. Whatever.

Got the Nirvana Box Set. Def worth the money. I don't even really like Nirvana anymore, but it is worth it. It is totally worth it.
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